2021 Donate the Difference

Second Harvest Staff Team

Every year, Canadians toss away 2.3 million tonnes of perfectly good food, costing households $1,766 a year.

This year, we are doing our part to reverse this trend by living waste wise, reducing our food budgets by 10% and donating the difference to help Second Harvest rescue fresh food and deliver it to people in need across Canada.

Second Harvest works across every step of the supply chain to rescue nutritious, surplus food that would otherwise go to landfill, and delivers it to over 2,300 social service organizations supporting 5.6 million Canadians in need. 


  • For every $1 donated, Second Harvest can rescue and deliver enough food to provide two meals for Canada’s most vulnerable. Imagine the impact YOU can make! 
  • Every $50 donation means lunch for 100 people at a drop-in centre. 
  • Every $100 donation nourishes an elderly couple for a month. 

Be a Hero! Join the fight against hunger and food waste by making a donation. 

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